Active Acne Treatment

Acne is medical condition known as Acne Vulgaris, generally affect face, back and neck. Acne occured due to an increase of male hormones i.e. testosterone and androgens. Acne gets red and infected when sebum unable to leave the skin due to blockage at hair follicle. This may result in growth of bacteria underneath the surface of the skin. 

Body and Face uses Nordly laser system of acne setting reduces the blood supply to the sebaceous gland, which slows down production of sebum and accelerate the healing process for acne. 



Our Price

Acne treatment with Nordly  $180 per session

Package of  3  $549

Acne Scar , Stretch Mark, Surgical Scar and Resurfacing Treatment

Body and Face have several methods to work on reducing acne scar, stretch mark, surgical scars and resurfacing treatments. The choice of treamtent is based on the skin Fitzpatrick color and the depth of scars or stretch marks. Number of treatment also based on the skin damage  and response of the treatment varies between individuals. However, any treatment requires skin prepartion and it incurs an additional cost. 

  • We use  Platelets-rich Plasma (PRP) treatment together with EPN needling. 
  • We use Emerge Fr laser (Fraxel). It has little no downtime except redness and slight swelling on the day of the procedure. The redness can be there for few days, but can be covered by make up.   
  • We use an Erbium gas Fractional laser to resurface damaged skin. We choose the Erbium laser as it has little or longer downtime. This treatment is mostly done as a spot treatment not to affect social and working life much.
Superbium: Erbium Gas Laser

We use Superbium laser device uses Erbium gas made by BIOS company Italy. This machine has been widely used in European Countries. We have:  

  • Fractional erbium laser 1540nm                          
  • Short pulse and long pulse Nd:YAg laser
  • Q -switch laser

It works for several conditions: acne scar, telangiectasis, tatto removal, superficial veins, angioma, , skin resurfacing, stretchmark, surgical scars, Keloid scars, keratosis pilaris and wrinkle reduction.






Laser Resurfacing treatment


Stretch Mark Treatment

Emerge Fractional Laser (Diode Laser)

Body and Face has Emerge fr. Laser device. This laser is from Cynosure company, USA. This machine is non-ablative, no downtime and It is Diode laser and most of the skin type can have this treatment. Treatment can be deliver 2 weeks apart  until achieve results.

It is for:

  • Acne scar
  • Stretch mark and Surgical scars
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Pigmentation
  • Skin-Resurfacing 
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Wrinkle reductions


Our Price

Platelets rich plasma (PRP) and needling $450 per session.

We recommends 3 sessions as treatment, then 1-2 sessions every year to keep healthy skin.

Erbium Fractional laser $500 per session. We recommend one to three sessions

Emerge Fractional laser (Fraxel) $ 800 for four sessionon special

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