Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Australasia. Skin cancer can be melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC). It is important to diagnosis early and treat them in order to cure cancer and decrease treatment complications. The sooner skin cancers are detected the simpler the treatment will be. If you notice a mole or skin lesion that looks out of place or feels different from the others, get help from someone who knows better. Read more on melanoma foundation, NZ
Mole Removal
 Body and Face clinic has a Dermatoscopy trained nurse, we check mole but we don’t interpret images. Any suspicious lesion we take mole biopsy for further analysis, the result will be check by you General Practioner (GP) or  Surgeon /consultant. We can advice client to have appointment at an appropriate places.dermlite

We use Pellevé S5 surgical. It is designed by Ellman International and a part of cynosure company.  Pellevé S5 surgical has Dual RF™ generator and performs surgical procedures such as removing lump or bumps on face or body. These lumps and bumps can be mole, skin tags, kerotosis, and other unwanted skin spots. We perform biopsy for any moles. 

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Our Price


Punch biopsy and Removal $450


Removal of Skin Tag, Keratosis and Spots

We use Pellevé S5 surgical (Surgitron) use for removing warts, tags, brown spots and keratosis.  NdYag Q switch laser can also be used to remove brown spots.


Our Price

1 skin lesion removal ——————–$75

3 skin lesion removal ——————–$150

5 or 10 skin lesion removal————-$300

more than 10 skin lesion———needs consult

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