We use Redensity I or Restylane Vital or Princes Rich for skin hydration. They all are suitable to all skin types. It improves skin hydration and gives a beautiful glow. Redensity 1 contains several antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and vitamins delivers. We deliver it  as  micro-aliquote with the use of special injector. This treatment can be combined with Botulinum Toxin Type “A” such as dysport to soften the thick and “crepey skin”

Skin booster has wide ranges of use:                                    

  •  improve general skin quality.
  • improve fine lines and acne-scarred skin
  • improves neck and chest décolletage.
  • improves  hand hydration.
  • improves pigmentation.
  • improves smoker lines. 

 To get the best results we recommends 3 sessions at 3 weekly intervals. Then, one to two treatment per year for maintenance.


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Our Price:

1 sessions with 2 ml of Redensity I or Restylane Vital or Princes Rich $650

Microtox requires additional cost of Dysport.

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