Tattoo removal

We use Erbium Gas Laser with a Q-Switched YAG hand piece. The laser is designed to emit the wavelengths of light that most closely match the colors of ink found in the most tattoos.

  • Most of the black tattos are easier to remove compared to colored tattoos
  • Number of treatments are based on the dyes and colors found in a tattoo. Treatment sessions varies from  six to tweleve or even more .
  • Treatment are scheduled six to eight weeks aparts. 


Our price

We recommends over six sessions for all tattoo removals.

Small tattoo $299 for  6 sessions 

Big are quoted at consultation

Onychomycosis (Fungus Nail) Treatment

Onychomycosis is known as fungus infected nail. It may affect one or more toenails and fingernails. Fingernail are easy to cure ompared to toenails. In addition, antifungal topical treatment only 50% effective. However, works well together with laser treatment. 

Body and Face use Nd:YAG short-pulsed lasers. It is safe and effective treatment that eradicate nail fungi with one to three, almost painless, sessions. Sometimes, may needs more than three treatments. The laser treatments is FDA approved. Laser treatment is safe compare to oral antfungal treatment, which can cause severe side-effects.


Our price

1 toe or finger $190

2 toe or finger $399


Pigmentation or Melasma

Melasma is a pigmentation on skin disorder.  The pigmentation can be  symmetrical, blotchy, brownish pigmentation and affects the face, arms and back. This form of facial pigmentation is sometimes refer to chloasma. Melasma is common in women than men. 

Melasma usually caused by pregnancy, hormonal therapy, contraceptive pills, low thyroid level and some medications. It can be epidermal, dermal or mixed type. 

Body and Face uses Q-switch laser, produce short, nanosecond, high energy pulse that involves moduling the Q factor of the laser resonator. This laser only to use Fitzpatrick skin type I-III. Body and face uses other technique for Fitzpatrick skin type IV-VI. For this treatment, skin preparation requires before intiation of laser treatments.


Our price

one sessions $250

Package of three $599



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